Welcome to Hungry's Good Food

Hungry's has been in business since 2004, and is owned & operated by business partners Irad Gumbs and Alfonzo (Papi) Hodge.

Irad & Papi have worked together in other Anguillian restaurants since the late 1990's. In 2003 they started their own catering business, which led to opening their own restaurant.

With the goal of providing the highest quality food, for on-the-go customers, at an affordable price, "Hungry's Good Food" was born!

The Hungry's menu has eight varieties of home-made soup, five fresh salads, twelve scrumptious quesadillas, and nine mouthwatering pasta dishes, along with local juices, soft drinks & a full bar. Their unique menu appeals to locals & visitors alike, and their "Good Food" is always fast, fresh & delicious!!


New York Times Review

"Located in the Valley, the island's [Anguilla's] administrative center, this restaurant serves fresh fish and lobster quesadillas stuffed with garlicky vegetables and melted Gouda in a painted truck that resembles Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine. And it has the cheapest Heineken you'll find anywhere."


Customer Comments

» The perfect blend of warm cheese, fresh vegetables, and chicken, enveloped in a lightly toasted tortilla. My tastebuds were exploding! This was the only Anguilla restaurant that we ate at three times during this trip. (read more)

» Love the conch chowder with those little dumplings or whatever they are amongst the chunks of tender conch. Our favorite lunch take-away on the island. Hungry's here we come!! (read more)

» Hungry's van is one of our Anguillan highlights. We head out to UnAmore to get the teens pizza and swing by Hungry's on our return to Shoal Bay for the adult dinners-out of this world seafood burritos. We usually hit Hungry's four or more visits during our stay. (read more)

» Hungry's food is great, can't wait to go back and eat some more. (read more)

» As a homeowner on the island I've passed by Hungry's a zillion times. Well on our two week vacation in July we finally made the stop at Hungrys van. Boy wish I had done it sooner. First time was for the fish quesidilla and the conch chowder, excellent. Second time for the lobster quesidilla and the goat soup, even BETTER. Had to have the lobster quesidella another time to quench my taste buds. For those of you afraid to try the goat soup, try it, the goat is melt in your mouth tender and the broth delicious. The lobster quesidilla is full of nice meaty chucks of lobster and a nice medly of veggies. Definately a must stop for people not in the know... (read more)